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What we can do together

You know the saying, "The devil hides in the details?" 

For some reason this saying - attributed to a number of different people throughout history and a favorite expression of German art historian Aby Warburg (1866-1929) - has always stuck with me. 

It has to be said that nowadays, communication is a key detail in being able to present oneself adequately to the public on all sides. In an increasingly competitive market, it is important to take proper care of one's image.

That is what I am here for, to listen and to understand your needs and bring out your identity and strengths.

Writing and webwriting for contemporary art

​The textual aspect is something really important for the artist, starting from a good biography, a valid statement, to critical texts and much more, such as curating texts to be published online. In terms of image and CV, they are definitely an added value and help to better define the artist's figure and research.

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Branding & Art Direction

Do you need a logo? Does your portfolio need updating or do you have to create a new portfolio to present a new project? Or do you want to design a catalogue for an exhibition? Together we can define how to proceed and which is the best way forward.

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Scheletri al neon_edited.jpg

Web Design

Nowadays it is very important to be visible online, but above all it is important to be visible in the best possible way. The website, or online portfolio, is where galleries and new potential clients come in contact with you. Good presentation and communication are key to opening you up to new opportunities. 


I have been involved in web design for years, and there are several consultancies and collaborations that I have pursued over time. 

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Paper Planes

Social Media

​Do you need help with your social media management? Don't know which way to turn anymore because you are rightfully busy with your artistic endeavors? I am here specifically to help you on this path as well.


We will have a chance to get to know each other, and after a careful evaluation of your work, style and personality, I will make suggestions to assess what is the best solution for you.

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Colori d'acqua

Artist's coefficient evaluation

The artist's coefficient is that value which is attributed to the artist and is used for the evaluation and calculation of the price of their artworks. This value is not fixed but increases over time, based on several factors. The coefficient can be established by a gallery owner, art historian, curator, or critic.


I will help you, based on your background and needs, to define what, at this time, is your coefficient.

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Need help planning your exhibition and don't know who to turn to? I can help you organize it in every aspect: from choosing the theme, to selecting the works, to managing the budget, to finding the right location.


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