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Eyes Wide Open - An art project where spirituality and science meet

On 9 and 10 November, hundreds of people came to the Skabelonloftet space in Copenhagen to participate in the Eyes Wide Open art project created in collaboration with artist Maria Boström. An unusual event that called people from all over to reflect on how art can expand our view of the world, fluidifying our emotions and transforming what we already know. 

Quoting part of the concept I drafted for the event, "The eye assumes a central role for the artist as a sense organ capable of communicating not only inwards, but also outwards. Reflecting our emotions in an immediate way, it can become a trace of a personal experience that emerges and manifests itself. The Eyes Wide Open art project is therefore intertwined with some more scientific aspects. Various research studies, especially in recent years, have shown that of all the elements of our body, the eyes play a particularly significant role in communicating our state of mind and emotions." This is why Maria Boström chose to include photographer Tina Axelsson and Professor Eva Boiner Horwitz, a cultural health researcher specialising in psychosomatic medicine and the creative arts, in the project. Through this important collaboration, an attempt was made to analyse and understand what could result from the guests' encounter with the exhibited artworks. In fact, in the first phase of the evening, a series of photographs were taken of the participants' eyes before and after their experience with the paintings, and the following day this was explored in depth during the scheduled Art Talk.



I therefore invite you too to reflect on this issue and be part of this project. You can learn more about it by downloading the catalogue that I have personally designed. You will find not only the works that were on display and more information about Maria Boström's artistic research, but also the extended version of the event concept and other texts, including one written by Professor Eva Boiner Horwitz. I hope it will be as useful to you as it was to me and that it will enhance your world view.


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